Black Sesame Butter & Mango Linzer Cookies (Vegan)

This is my ode to some of my favorite things: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cookies, and East and South Asian flavors. I thought of this recipe because I ate pb&js for lunch from first grade until twelfth grade, and of the two ingredients, I was always more of a peanut butter person. When I got to college in New York City, I was exposed to the most adult form of nutty flavors I had ever tasted: black sesame. The addition of mango in this recipe is to represent my South Asian roots as well as another flavor I (regrettably) only started to enjoy in adulthood: mango. (Don’t worry, it eventually made it into the top three fruits of all time for me, which is actually a huge honor).

The black sesame adds a toastiness that both evokes peanut butter and its own totally unique, aromatic, nutty flavor. The mango curd is sweet and tart and cuts through the richness of the black sesame. The chocolate on top just makes it fun and adds even more toasty black sesame flavor. And all of it combined is me embracing (see? theme!) my roots as a pb&j eating child. 

Recipe adapted from Bianca Zapatka and Domestic Gothess.


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