Our Story

From left to right: Photo of cofounders Ashley and Hedy posing with sauces at pop-up, photo of Ashley as a young girl rolling dumpling dough, photo of immigrant chef Wenling ladling sauce.

Hi, we're Ashley Xie and Hedy Yu, co-founders, childhood friends and daughters of immigrants who grew up in the San Gabriel Valley in SoCal. As a daughter of Chinese immigrant restaurateurs, Ashley observed as a young girl the joys and perils experienced by immigrant chefs. These skilled chefs brought new flavor, color, and magic to the world of American food, showing us that food not only sustains us, but also incites joy and serves as a universal language. 

However, they are under-appreciated and underpaid. Although immigrants make up nearly 1 in 3 cooks who feed us, they are paid only $0.81 to every $1 that a US native makes. Many immigrant chefs, like Ashley’s parents, dream of sharing their fare and gaining financial freedom. 

Rooted Fare was created to support immigrant chefs in bringing their flavor- and legacy-packed recipes to more eaters (like you!) and to celebrate their diverse cultures and talents. Those who seek to eat mindfully will discover unique sauces, save time in the kitchen, and participate in an immigrant chef’s journey. 

The Meaning of "Rooted Fare"

"Rooted" speaks to our roots of heritage and to one another, while "fare" means "food" that sustains, but also sounds like "fair" in our mission to create a sustainable, equitable food system. 

We're humbled and excited to build a food brand and community that's rooted in heritage, fairness, togetherness and also play and creativity!