Mission & Impact

Our Mission

Rooted Fare is on a mission to empower all people, especially second-generation Chinese and Asian Americans, to honor their roots and celebrate their creativity, confidently! 

We believe everyone should be free to be creative, be themselves, and break the mold.

Profit-sharing & Impact


As we strive to realize our mission to its fullest, we're starting small and close to home. Co-founder Ashley created our first product -- the Black Sesame Crunchy Butter -- while inspired in the kitchen with her immigrant chef aunt, Wenling.

Wenling has her own restaurant in Rancho Cucumonga called Cup of Noodles, where she shares her riff on classic Sichuan dishes she grew up with. Even while her dishes are delicious and novel (try it for yourself!), she said it's been hard to stay afloat during the pandemic as the breadwinner of the family and solo employee at her restaurant.

Because of this, we profit-share for each jar sold to Wenling, our recipe collaborator, so she may use it in the way that most empowers her today, whether that's for hiring staff at the restaurant or buying school supplies for their children, and continue to share her creativity with her community. 

As we grow, we plan to build upon our impact model!  

Have impact suggestions? Send us a note at hello [at] rootedfare [dot] com.