Gift Guide: Asian Women-Owned Brands for the Foodie in Your Life

'Tis the season for reflection, giving back, and lots of eating! This year, we curated a list of our favorite Asian women we adore and admire who happen to have amazing things to spice up the holidays. Cheers! We’re so grateful for the love and support this holiday season. 


Start the day with a calm mind with aromatic tea before the cooking marathon begins, stay rejuvenated with drinks brewed with East Asian superfoods, and end the day with rice wine to party the night away.

Three Gems Tea

Created by Ayumi Takahashi and Diana Zheng, Three Gems Tea is on the mission of making tea breaks good, simple, and fun by sourcing delicious loose leaf teas from family farms and designing teaware with a pop to brighten your table. $35


Founded by Tiffany Leong, Bo-yi is bringing accessibility to traditional East Asian superfoods to everyone. You’re very welcome. Her selection of delicious drinks are made with premium whole herbs without ever adding any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or “natural flavors.” $30 


Started by Carol Pak, Makku is a new take on Korea's oldest alcoholic drink, makgeolli. They’re unfiltered, creamy and made with young Gimpo rice, Gapyeong mountain water, and live cultures. $56

Things to bring to the party

Bring any of these delicious items to a dinner party and we’ll guarantee that you’ll be the most honored guest and be invited back time and time again.

Noona’s Ice Cream

Founded by trailblazer Hannah Bae, Noona’s Ice Cream brings Asian American ice cream flavors in the most delicious and sustainable way possible. All her flavors are inspired by her Korean-American heritage and food experiences with others. You won't be able to put down your spoon. $12

Annie’s T Cakes

Created by Annie Wang, Annie’s T Cakes is a home bakery in Oakland, CA selling vegan East Asian snacks from your childhood. After launching with their delectable, gluten free, and upcycled pineapple cakes, Annie's T Cakes expanded to other treats including mooncakes and tang yuan. Plus, a portion of each sale is donated to local community organizations and other groups + individuals working to better the food system. $8

Rooted Fare

Got to toot our own horn as well! We’re the co-founders Ashley Xie and Hedy Yu. We’ve been slinging sauces with the very best chefs in town -- immigrants who’ve bought their culture, stories, and unique flavors across seas -- and we share profits for every sauce sold. $15

Cooking from scratch

Ranging from single origin spices to bright oils and Asian grocery delivery, these are absolute musts for the superhero in your kitchen.

Diaspora Co

single origin Guntur chili

Sana Javeri Kadri’s big dream was to grow a new, delicious and truly equitable spice trade. Diaspora Co sources 30 single origin spices from 150 farms across India and Sri Lanka and pays their farm partners an average of 6x above the commodity price. $12


Brightland olive oil

Started by Aishwarya Iyer, Brightland offers consciously crafted extra virgin olive oils and fruit-forward vinegars from California. They support small US-based family farms, traceability, and analog living. Bring a little sunshine to wherever you and your friends are. $40

Umami Cart

Umami Cart asian grocery delivery

Founded by Andrea Xu, Umami Cart is an online store for Asian ingredient galore. If you’re hosting this year, make your life easier by purchasing their Holiday Roast Duck kit with steamed buns. It’ll definitely be a centerpiece of any holiday meal! Ranges

Kitchen aesthetics

Whether you want to impress your dinner guests or find the perfect gift for the home goods admirer in your life, these brands place functionality, beauty, and homey vibes for any space.

Fig & Stone 

Hand Crafted Textured Concrete Decorative Bowl

Rachel and Victoria Masai, who we met at a pop-up, are sisters who believe in making a space that feels good and functional—a place of peace, a safe haven. You’ll find the most beautiful, well-made fruit bowl for your dining table. $45

Our Place

Founded by Shiza Shahid, Our Place makes ethically-made and stylish cookware products that connect people over home-cooking. The Always Pan is a cult favorite that replaces 8 pieces of cookware with one. $99

Thom Candles

cactus chrysanthemum melon candle

Created by Myan Duong, Thom Candles are carefully curated scents that bring joy, comfort, or a memory. Thom means “smells good” in Vietnamese and the intention is to pay homage to the language, culture, and ancestors. $12

To read and cry a little

You can never really go wrong with gifting books. The following pieces have resonated with us so deeply as Asian Americans and daughters of immigrants.

Crying in H-Mart 

crying in H mart by Michelle Zauner

Written by Michelle Zauner, aka singer of Japanese Breakfast, Crying in H-Mart is a memoir about growing up Korean American, losing her mother, and forging her own identity. We’ve never felt more seen. $16

Peddler Journal

peddler journal immigrant issue

Created by editor Hetty McKinnon, Peddler explores the multi-cultures of food, venturing near and far, and into the homes and kitchens of everyday cooks for their most personal rendition of family recipes and stories. The immigrant issue made us cry. $20

Climbing the Mango Trees

climbing the mango trees by madder Jaffrey

Written by 7-time James Beard Award-winning cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey, Climbing the Mango Trees is funny, heart-warming, and one of my favorite food books I’ve read to date. $16

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