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When should I order by to receive my package by Christmas?

Order with priority shipping by Tuesday, Dec. 19 to receive by Christmas. 

We'll continue shipping orders out until Friday, Dec. 22 and all orders made after Dec. 22 will be shipped out in the new year.

When can I expect to receive my Rooted Fare package? 

During the holiday season, we ship out almost every day.

Non-holiday times, we generally ship orders out every Tuesday and Friday, as we make our spread in small-batches (and with love) to make sure we achieve the best flavor + quality possible! You can expect to receive your package in 2-5 days after the order ships, but shipping has become more unpredictable, so please expect shipping delays. 

Check out our Recipes page for inspiration while your package ships! And stay connected with us on Instagram and our newsletter (sign up at the footer)! 

Where does Rooted Fare ship?

We ship to all 50 US states -- hip hip, hooray! 

Crunchy Black Sesame Butter Product

Is the Crunchy Black Sesame Butter vegan?

Yes, it's plant-based and includes no artificial preservatives or additives. We only use a few high-quality ingredients.

Do I have to refrigerate it?

No need! The product is naturally shelf-stable, meaning you can leave it in a cool, dry place, like a pantry or stashed in your office desk for a quick spoonful between calls! 

If you like the consistency a little thicker, we recommend putting it in the fridge.

How long do the products last?

Unopened: up to 2 years.

Opened: up to 1.5 years 

Can I gift Rooted Fare? 

Of course, you amazing gifter, you! Check out as normal and make sure to put the shipping address as your recipients'. If you'd like to add a special note, also include this before checkout. You can also find us at a store near you.

Who made the recipe?

Co-founder Ashley created this one-of-a-kind spread based on her grandma's award-winning recipe for glutinous rice balls filled with a sweet, luscious black sesame filling. We loved the OG but we like to think we've created something even more delicious that be put on anything and enjoyed anywhere. 

Can I buy Rooted Fare products in stores near me?

We're currently carried in over 100 stores, most of which are in sunny LA, CA where we're based -- find the store nearest you on our Store Locator page.

We love making our spread more accessible, so if you have a local store you think we should be in, let us know by emailing us at hedy [at] rootedfare [dot] com, direct messaging us on Instagram (@rooted.fare), or using our contact form

Rooted Fare

How are Rooted Fare products different from other spread brands out there?

What sets us apart is we're proudly Chinese American. We're a food brand that hopes to inspire all people, especially 2nd generation Chinese Americans, to embrace the messiness and joy of figuring out how and where we belong.

We are not trying to make food exactly like grandpa's and mom's, we're making something that we can call ours, which tastes both familiar and new. Learn more on our Mission page.

How can I stock you on my store's shelves?

If you're a retailer and would like to stock us, please reach out at hedy [at] rootedfare [dot] com or order directly from us on Faire

We're excited to partner with you! 

Other Questions

I have other burning questions, feedback, or ideas I'd like to share -- is there a human I can talk to? 

We love receiving all questions, feedback, and ideas and being helpful! You can send us an email at hedy [at] rootedfare [dot] com, direct message us on Instagram (@rooted.fare), or use our contact form. We, Ashley and Hedy, will get back to you as soon as we can!