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When should I order my December holiday presents by?

Supply chain issues worldwide and labor shortages are causing ship times to become longer and more unpredictable. Our shipping partners (USPS and others) recommend that you place your orders by December 15th to make sure they arrive before Christmas (December 25th), but the sooner you order, the better! For Kwanzaa, place your order by December 16th to be safe! 

When can I expect to receive my Rooted Fare package? 

We generally ship orders out every Friday, as we make these sauces in small-batches (and with love) to ensure flavor! You can expect to receive your package in 1-3 days after the order ships, but shipping has become more unpredictable, so please expect shipping delays. 

If you order before Thursday at 6pm, it'll be shipped out the next day. If you order after that, say on Friday morning, your order will be shipping out the following Friday. 

Check out our Recipes page for inspiration while your package ships! 

Where does Rooted Fare ship?

Currently, we ship to all 48 contiguous US states. 


Are the sauces & spreads vegan?

Yes, they're all vegan and include no artificial preservatives or additives -- just the great hand-picked ingredients!

How long do the products last?

After opening, refrigerate and enjoy before 6 months for best taste.

Can I gift Rooted Fare? 

Of course, you amazing gifter, you! If you're sending it to a friend or loved one, you can add a special note if you'd like to include it in their package by adding your note at checkout. Our gift-ready holiday gift set is perfect for gifting and is under $50. 

Who made the recipes for these sauces & spreads?

We partnered and profit-share with immigrant chef, Wenling Peng, who immigrated to the US in 1999 and has been cooking her recipes for decades. We work together with our immigrant chef partners to preserve their recipes as much as possible.

Do these sauces only make traditional Sichuan dishes?

Great question! These sauces can all be used to make traditional Sichuan dishes, like Dan Dan noodles or "Mouth-Watering Chicken" (口水鸡 "kou shui ji"), but they're also super versatile -- add on top of salads, douse some on leftovers, or marinade your fave protein with them ... the creative possibilities are endless! 

Discover more ways to use our sauces on our Recipes page or social media and get recipes sent to your mailbox when you subscribe to your newsletter.

Are these recipes "authentic"? 

Historically, the label "authentic" has been used to box in immigrant chefs to stereotypes of what their food & culture should be, so we intentionally avoid using this word when describing our immigrant chefs' creations.

Instead, we call them original, to honor their unique experiences and creativity. We started this company with a vision of celebrating immigrants and their contributions to the vibrant foodscape of our country. Their resiliency, care, and histories are what make their foods so delicious.

So while we can't say these recipes have "authenticity," we will say that they will delight your tastebuds and raise your home cooking game up a few notches! 

Can I buy Rooted Fare products in stores near me?

We're currently carried in a few CA specialty stores -- find the store nearest you on our Store Locator page.

We love making our sauces & spreads more accessible to our friends (you!), so if you have a local store you think we should be in, let us know by emailing us at, direct messaging us on Instagram (@rooted.fare) & TikTok (@rootedfare), or using our contact form

Rooted Fare

How are Rooted Fare products different from other sauces & sauce brands out there?

What sets us apart is our working partnership with immigrant chef partners who are masters of their cultural flavors -- that's how we deliver unparalleled, delicious taste. We don't appropriate their culture or flavors, but actively involve these chefs in the creative processes and celebrate them by sharing their stories with our customers and sharing our profits with them. Learn more on our Impact page.

How can I stock you on my store's shelves?

If you're a retailer and would like to stock us, please reach out at hello@rootedfare.comWe're excited to chat with you! 

Other Questions

I have other burning questions, feedback, or ideas I'd like to share -- is there a human I can talk to? 

We love receiving all questions, feedback, and ideas and being helpful! You can send us an email at, direct message us on Instagram (@rooted.fare) & TikTok (@rootedfare), or use our contact form. Our founders, Ashley or Hedy, will get back to you as soon as we can!